The Associate of Applied Science in Business Accounting is 90 quarters credit hours program. This program offers a fundamental understanding of business operations, operating rules and regulations, and applications of accounting tools for efficient business control. The degree is a first step in becoming a bookkeeper or an auditing clerk. Bookkeeper, accounting and auditing clerks handle a company's accounts, complete financial statements and check reports for accuracy, among other responsibilities. Bookkeepers can only handle financial statements and reports if they have a QuickBooks certification. Accounting clerks, who typically work for large companies, have a more narrow focus: accounts payable or accounts receivable. Auditing clerks ensure the use of proper coding in financial documents and report any errors to accountants. All courses are delivered via distance education mode or in hybrid mode. The theory component is delivered through synchronous or asynchronous lectures, prerecorded lectures. The instructions for tutorial or computer lab requirements will be as per the prescribed books or software distributed to students. Instructors or tutorial helps will be available during office hours. Access to computer and necessary equipment will be given to every student. E-learning LMS (Moodle) is available to all students and faculty 24/7.