New OAA Program

OAA 101: Modern Office Environment

This course uses an online learning platform called Moodle in conjunction with textbook, online resources, and material passed out by instructors. Each student is also provided access to the SIMnet online learning and assessments tools, with instructions for how to access these tools located inside the front cover of the textbook. Inside the Moodle for your class will be all the resources and course materials needed for this course. Any files, recommended readings, and templates will be attached to the corresponding assignment. Blue hyperlinks attached to assignments will bring you directly to the materials or resource that is required or recommended for the completion of any assignment. Microsoft Office suites is provided free of charge and preloaded on the laptop that is also provided free of charge. Access to Microsoft office products requires the creation of an account, please ask your instructor for help logging in the first time.   

Teacher: Keith Elie

COM 101: Communication Skills

This subject prepares assistants to verbal and nonverbal communication aspects to provide effective customer services. In written communication skills area students pay particular attention to planning, composing and editing, proofreading, E-mail messages, memorandums, letters, reports, formats for reports. Students will learn proper communication techniques with a customer, customer satisfaction, conflict management and coping with stress.

Teacher: Keith Elie

OAA 102: Information Technologies

This subject provides a brief overview of computers, computer parts, printers, fax machines, external hard drive, and other electronic devices. Students learn how computers are connected to the Internet and how various information resources in the World Wide Web are accessed for business use.  Students will learn networking,  Internet protocols, URL system, WWW resources. 

Teacher: Keith Elie

OAA 103: Microsoft Word - Basics

This subject introduces students to Microsoft Office Word 2016. Students will learn how to compose letter, typing memos and fax messages. They will also learn how to type a report, insert tables, pictures, borders, and page setup among others. They will practice creating visually impacting documents, as well as creating labels and business cards.

Teacher: Keith Elie

OAA 104: Microsoft Word - Advanced

This subject teaches advanced features on Microsoft Office Word program. Students will create a newsletter, create a research paper, and create a mail merge document.

Teacher: Keith Elie

OAA 105: Microsoft Excel - Basics

This subject introduces students to Microsoft Office Excel 2016 package. Students will learn the basic functions of spreadsheet, familiarize with menu bars, and create worksheets. They will also learn features such as using mathematical functions and formulas, drawing charts, formatting tables and generating reports.

Teacher: Keith Elie

OAA 106: Microsoft Excel - Advanced

This subject teaches advanced features on Microsoft Office Excel program. Students will learn formatting and functions, extracting of data, Pivot Tables,  trend lines, and shared workbooks.

OAA 107: Microsoft PowerPoint - Basics

This subject helps students in making visually impacting presentation using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016 software. Students will learn how to create a presentation, develop by adding tables, inserting clip art, animation, and other features.

Teacher: Keith Elie

OAA 108: Microsoft PowerPoint - Advanced

This subject teaches advanced features on Microsoft Office PowerPoint program. Students learn more advanced techniques in PowerPoint such as working with slide masters, creating new design templates or themes, automate presentations, rehearse the timings, copy or move slides between presentations.

Teacher: Keith Elie

OAA 109: Office Administrative Procedures

This course is designed to introduce students to office procedures such as record keeping, scheduling, insurance billing, legal issues, etc.  Students will learn how to organize files, prepare documents, schedule appointments. This subject also includes instruction in business laws, data entry, office equipment operation and maintenance, public relations, secretarial accounting, records storage and management.

Teacher: Keith Elie